How to Self-check the Car Weighbridge

2023-06-06 14:57:07

1. Inaccurate weighing of the truck scale or truck scale General phenomenon: the actual weight of the truck scale weighs a large error.

Solution: Check whether there is any problem with the scale platform and foundation construction, whether there are foreign objects stuck or collided around the scale body, the instrument is not adjusted accurately, the analog part of the instrument is broken, there are problems with the sensor and junction box, and there are errors in the four corners, etc.

2. There is no display on the weighing instrument General phenomenon: the display window does not display a black screen, but the status light is on, and the weighing instrument has no display at all.

Solution: Check whether the power plug is secure, whether the fuse is blown, whether the cable connection is disconnected, whether the sensor input and output resistance values ​​do not meet the requirements, whether the signal wire of the junction box is faulty or the main board is damaged.

3. The weighing instrument jumps wildly.

General phenomenon: The instrument display is constant, ranging from dozens of kilograms to hundreds of thousands of kilograms, constantly changing.

Solution: Check the damage of the analog part of the instrument, power failure, signal changes caused by faults in sensors, junction boxes, cables, etc., debris blockage between the weighing platform and the foundation, and no gap between the limit bolt and the foundation, etc.

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