100 Tons of Electronic Platform Scale Maintenance and Maintenance

2023-07-06 14:54:07

Henan Optima is a manufacturer specializing in the production of weighbridges. Today’s article is to take everyone to understand the maintenance and maintenance of 100 tons of electronic weighbridges. This kind of weighbridge is often used in highway toll stations, construction sites and garbage factories. application. Daily maintenance and maintenance of 100-ton floor scale: 1. There must be no foreign matter stuck in the gap around the 100-ton electronic floor scale platform, and the movement is free. If there is a foreign matter stuck, it must be cleaned up. 2. Clean the scale table frequently and keep it clean. 3. The connecting parts are maintained every six months, and the supporting head is cleaned and then smeared with butter. 4. It is strictly forbidden to weld on the 100-ton electronic car scale platform or use the scale platform as a ground wire. 5. There should be no accumulation of water in the foundation pit. If the accumulation of water in the foundation pit is formed due to heavy rain, it should be pumped out immediately or the drainage channel should be dredged, and the instrument can be powered on only after dry measures are taken.

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