Load Cell

Type Digital
Accuracy 1C3
Rated Load 30 Tons
Width 0.75-0.95 meters
Length 0.75-0.95 meters
Material alloy steel, alloy aluminum
Certificate CE,ISO,CCC
Power Suppl 750Ω
Warranty  1 Year
Western, Union,D/P,D/A,T/T,Money Gram,Others
The steel ball and indenter structure can be automatically reset and adjusted. High precision, high reliability, good stability; easy installation and good interchangeability. It has a good moisture-proof seal (adhesive seal and laser welding seal are selected), adapt to harsh working environment. It can be used in various electronic truck scales, railway scales, hopper scales and various special scales, suitable for various fields of weight and force measurementItem level
Rated load 30t
Rated output 2±0.002% mv/v
Comprehensive error ±0.02% ±% of rated output
Output temperature influence ±0.02% ±% of rated output/oC
Zero temperature influence ±0.02% ±% of rated output/oC
Zero balance ±1%F.S ±% of rated output
Input impedance 775±5 Ω
Output impedance 702±2 Ω
Insulation resistance ≥5000 MΩ
Safe overload rate 150%F.S% of rated capability
Limit overload rate 300%F.S% of rated capability
Operating temperature range (-30~+80)oC oC
Recommended working voltage 5~18 V (AC or DC)
Maximum operating voltage 24 V (AC or DC)
Material Alloy Steel Alloy Steel
Protection grade IP67/IP68
●The measuring bridge has high sensitivity, wide measuring range, simple circuit structure, high precision;

●Easy to realize the advantages of temperature compensation, so it can well meet the requirements of strain measurement;

●The elastic body of the sensor has a special structure, good resistance to bending and torsion, so as to improve the natural
frequency of the sensor and the characteristics of anti-falling, anti-deflection, and anti-interference; ●The sensor can be
installed and connected with special connection components, which is convenient and reliable.

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